Living Reef Canada

A living legacy of love, life, and dignitY.

An Eco Logical alternative to traditional burials, honouring the memory of life, love, and caring.

A school of fish, swimming around a coral reef.

Disclaimer* These photos are of tropical waters, and are for illustration only.

Reef Choices and Descriptions

We offer several different reefs. Click below to choose the reef that is right for your situation.

Why work with us?

A Living Reef Memorial is a much needed positive during a time of great loss and something the entire family can be proud of.

Ocean Friendly and Hand Crafted

Reef memorial blocks are made with natural sea shells, sand, ash, and a bit of ocean friendly concrete.


Visit the Reefs Anytime

Simply visit by Kayaking off the shores, scuba diving to the reef, or just sit by the water’s edge.


Ecologically Beneficial

Living reefs revitalize overfished areas into biologically healthy and productive ecosystems.


Affiliate Providers

Our affiliate providers have made a commitment to our environment, and they truly do care.


What they have to say

I could not think of a better way to to say good bye to my dad. Kevin was amazing and patient with all of our questions. He made the experience enjoyable and  even went above expectations. I would recommend this to anyone's family members or friends who loved life on the water or not.

Brieann Weir
Google Review

Such a beautiful idea. Thank you to Kevin & his team for their patience and kindness. They made the whole experience seamless and were happy to answer any questions we had.

Laura Burden
Google Review

Together we can create something great.

If you are requesting information due to a very recent (or imminent) death, please accept our deepest sympathies for your loss. Get in touch with us today for your information kit.

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Disclaimer* These photos are of tropical waters, and are for illustration only.