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Pre-Planning Checklist

All situations are unique and as individualized as you are so please use this checklist as a guide or starting place, not necessarily a complete, list of needs for your situation.

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    Write down or dictate whether or not you want any funeral or memorial service. Detail the specifics of the service, i.e. the music, who will deliver the eulogy, and if there will be a celebration of life gathering afterward, (including where, when, and how it is to be paid for).
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    Will you have a wake or celebration of life? Any preferences on where it will be held?
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    Do you have any religious considerations?
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    List the details of any pre-paid funeral arrangements, and the location of any pre-paid funeral plot. The location of these documents should be known by your rep. Include any details for a memorial plaque.
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    If you prefer to be cremated, make sure you indicate your final disposition and who will have authority of the final disposition of the cremains.
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    List the location of your wills, and include the contact information for any trusts, and list your trustees.
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    Include important details for your obituary (or write one yourself; no one knows better than you who you are and what you have done). Specify where the obituary should be published. Consider any out-of-town papers, high school or University Alumni Associations.
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    Designate donation options for friends and family to send a gift in lieu of flowers.
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    List the names and addresses of all family members.
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    Include a current list of all of your financial accounts, insurance policies, and ongoing contracts. Make sure this includes account numbers, contact information, and company/institution names.
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    If you have someone that will take things over then they will need password information and the like to manage all of the things you have acquired in your lifetime.

End of Life Planning Considerations


Advisory Support and Management

Create a list of advisors with their contact information:
- Accountants
- Life Insurance Broker & Financial Advisors
-Attorney and Legal Advisors


Funeral Planning

Pre-planning takes the burden off your loved ones during a difficult time in their lives. Consider things such as burial or cremation contracts, the type of service you want to have, any funeral events or any personal touches to the ceremony.


Asset Management

Make a list (including statements with account numbers, contact information, and the locations of titles) of all assets, including: Information on alimony payments or any other pre-arranged payment structure, judgments, etc.

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Are you a procrastinator?

Remember life is a terminal situation, we just don’t know when. Living Reef Memorial has created Resolutions for Procrastinators.

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    Sign any documents designating who takes care of your affairs when you are incapacitated.
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    Sign an advanced directive for health care decisions
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    Sign your will or living trust.
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    If you already have the documents mentioned above, review them periodically, especially after important life events like marriage, divorce, having children, retirement, etc.
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    Make sure the persons you designate are willing to act.

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If you are requesting information due to a very recent (or imminent) death, please accept our deepest sympathies for your loss. Get in touch with us today for your information kit.

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