Our Story

A Living Reef Memorial is a much needed positive during a time of great loss and something the entire family can be be proud of.

Disclaimer* These photos are of tropical waters, and are for illustration only.

A Living Reef that provides for future generations

We get it, and we are here to help.  Together we can create something great. A Living Reef Memorial is a welcoming positive in an otherwise tragic time.

Families experience a great feeling of relief and joy knowing that their loved one is going to be giving back to the sea and leaving this planet a better place.

Our process

The Living Reef Memorial Experience

The process is done with every step focusing on dignity and care. If you wish to view the reef being deployed into the sea the staff at Living Reef Memorial Canada have two options for you:

  • Charter;  Living Reef Memorial Canada is happy to assist you in locating one of the local charters available in your area.
  • Video record*;  The Living Reef Memorial Canada Positive Chain of Custody Policy dictates that we document every step of the process

Choose a reef

Choose the reef that is right for your situation.  Once you have selected the reef that suits your needs, the next thing to do is to contact us and we will send you our Client Agreement.


Reef is deployed

Reefs are placed in over fished areas where they are needed most and barren sea floors where habitats are needed.


Preserve cremation

Cremated remains are eternally preserved within a scientifically engineered artificial reef designed to be forever permanent and vital to the success of this marine habitat rehabilitation project


Marine life flourishes

Not long after the reef is installed onto the sea floor a beautiful and natural transformation occurs.  The reef begins to grow and bloom with life as  hundreds of species of marine life attach themselves to the reef.


Reefs are handcrafted with care

Reefs are individually hand crafted using natural sea shells, sand, ash, and a bit of ocean friendly concrete. After a thirty day curing period the reefs are loaded onto boats for the journey to the deployment area, weather permitting.


Cherish and remember

Cherish and celebrate your loved one, knowing that they will continue on by giving back to the ocean for eternity.

Together we can create something great.

If you are requesting information due to a very recent (or imminent) death, please accept our deepest sympathies for your loss. Get in touch with us today for your information kit.

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Disclaimer* These photos are of tropical waters, and are for illustration only.