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Living Reef Memorial Canada preserves vital habitat through preserve ownership and promotes preservation through innovation, dialogue, and by transforming non eco-friendly industries into eco-beneficial industries.

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Living Reef Memorial Canada preserves vital habitat through preserve ownership and promotes preservation through innovation, dialogue, and by transforming non eco-friendly industries into eco-beneficial industries.

Environmental issues such as global warming, pollution, deforestation, habitat destruction, and species extinction all a direct result of human impact. In the past people had little knowledge or regard of the impact industry or development had on our environment. Industry’s needs exceeded the need for preservation and this still holds true today. By creating industry around the idea that it is possible to be eco-beneficial and still make profits is a difficult task but one that Living Reef Memorial Canada has accomplished in one industry.

Living Reef Memorial Canada has found an innovative way to promote preservation, generate profits, and awareness, while most importantly creating vital habitat for hundreds of species of sea life and partial profits funding a Sea Turtle Rescue program.  Living Reef Memorial Canada eliminates the economic motivation for the destruction of habitat by creating habitat through the restoration of our reefs.

Living Reef Memorial Canada is for those who have chosen cremation and wish for a memorial that is beautiful and unique. Our deceased deserve a living memorial that is permeated, dignified and is as full of life as the sea.

Not long after the reef is placed into the sea, life begins to move in and thrive, this living reef then becomes part of a mass of life and hope for the future of our planet. A Living Reef Memorial increases biodiversity, reduces species extinction rates, and is a gift that is full of the treasures and adventures of life itself. 

The staff at Living Reef Memorial Canada respectfully transforms cremated remains into an artificial reef using scientifically designed. marine friendly compound which is placed into a reef mold. When the compound cures, the mold is then removed, and what you have is a structure that is specifically designed to mimic the habitat of marine species that have been impacted by humans. The reef has holes that run through the entire reef with voids within the walls of the structure so that the targeted marine species has a place to call home.

The reef molds are made from natural, recycled and reusable materials and the reef itself is made from environmentally friendly materials. Once the Living Reef Memorial has had time to cure it is taken to its designated area for deployment. Once on site the reef is lowered into its permanent resting place where it will begin serving our oceans and humanity. Because the reef has no economic motivation to remove or destroy it, it will never be harmed. Your loved one will remain in their resting place forever.

For British Columbia there are multiple designated area choices located around Vancouver Island, Gulf Islands and the Lower Mainland, there is also two locations off the shores of Nova Scotia, one location off Prince Edward Island and currently in talks with government officials to expand into Ontario, Newfound Land and New Brunswick.

If you’re looking for an ecological beneficial alternative to traditional memorials then Living Reef Memorial Canada may be an option for you. They are dedicated to the preservation of endangered habitat and offer this service to the public in an effort to restore ailing marine life in the waters of Canada.

Living Reef Memorial Canada has been cleared through Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Transport Canada and is an approved choice through provincial funeral funding programs as well as the Canadian Last Post Fund.

Living Reef Memorial Canada works with funeral homes across Canada as well as directly with individuals.  For additional information we invite you to contact us with your questions.




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